3 Practical Uses For Open End Plastic Bags

Open ended plastic bags are the secret to staying organized. These handy plastic bags can be used for dozens of different purposes. You can buy open ended plastic bags in several different sizes so no matter what you need a plastic bag for there is a size to fit what you need. Just a few of the different ways that you can use open ended plastic bags are:

Plastic Bags for Camping

When you go camping it’s important to protect clothing and other items from getting wet. If there is a lot of dew even well packed items will be damp and susceptible to mold. You can pack socks, rolled tee shirts and clothing items in open ended plastic bags to protect them from any moisture. You will be able to get to them quickly but they will remain dry. Open ended plastic bags will also keep any soiled or wet clothing separated from the rest of the clothing.

Plastic Bags for Traveling

If you are traveling, using plastic bags is a smart and easy way to pack all of your toiletries and jewelry. The bags are clear so you will be able to see what is in each one but the contents will be protected and all in one place. Put hair pins in one bag, makeup in another, jewelry in another and you can easily pack them all in a suitcase. When you need them you won’t have to dig through all the contents of your suitcase to find what you are looking for.

Bags For Desk Organization

If your craft table or desk is overflowing with small office supplies use open ended plastic bags to keep the clutter under control. Put paper clips, sticky notes, and other items in individual plastic bags and store them in a desk drawer to keep your desk clean and clutter free.

Flat plastic bags are convenient for they have an easy to use open end. Just open the bag, fill with your contents, and tie it or close it with a twist-tie to keep contents from spilling out of the bag!


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