All About DiRose: DiRose Trademark and Its Products

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DiRose: The registered trademark of Arplast Poly Bags.

The DiRose Brand product line, distributed by Arplast Poly & Packaging, carries an extensive line of poly and packaging. Registered specifically for multi-purpose reclosable polyethylene low density plastic bags for transmitting medical specimens, as well as multi-purpose reclosable polyethylene low density plastic bags for packaging, they have been in the plastic industry for more than years.

DiRose poly bags are well known in the medical supply industry. Distributing a full line of medical supplies, Arplast offers lab supplies such as DiRose sterile specimen bags, specimen cups, Dirose latex, vinyl, and nitrite exam gloves. DiRose poly bags are also well known in various types such as open end poly bags, reclosable ziplock bags, recycle logo reclosable bags, DiRose sandwich bags, silverware bags, and more.

Each of the bags distributed by DiRose, come in a variety of more than 300 different sizes and are also available for custom order with special printing. General orders require a minimum purchase of only 1000 bags, while print order quantities vary.

In addition to the DiRose line of poly bags, DiRose is proud of the top quality adult diapers namely Heavenly Briefs. Heavenly Briefs Adult Diapers is the ultimate incontinence product. The diaper uses HydroBond, a unique absorption technology designed to absorb 1-2 liters. Heavenly Brief’s maximum protection, anti odor system and unique 3-D Core Absorbency system makes this brief ideal for an undisturbed full nights rest. The Heavenly Brief will keep its wearer happy, fresh and dry at all times. Check out these pages for more details, information, and purchasing options for DiRose products at

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