Are Plastic Bags Really Bad For the Environment?

Are Plastic Bags Really Bad For the Environment? Are We Getting The Truth For Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags get a bad rap for supposedly “damaging” the environment. But how much of this statement is actually true? If you were to dive deeper into the specifics, you might come to realize the truth about plastic bags. Let’s take a closer look at whether or not plastic bags are really bad for the environment.Plastic-Bag-On-Environment

None of These Claims Are “Science Based”

The truth is that none of the claims that plastic bags are bad for the environment are backed up by solid, scientific evidence. As a matter of fact, some independent studies actually show that they are preferable to paper! Without any evidence, the idea that plastic bags are bad for the environment simply remains a myth.

Studies Suggest That Plastic Bags Are Better For the Environment than Paper

It’s true. A study conducted in the UK in 2006 suggested that plastic bags actually have a lighter environmental “footprint” than paper. The reason why is because they require far less energy and water to make, and take up far less space in landfills. Click here to learn more about the study and the affects that it is having on the plastic bag issue in today’s society.

Furthermore, another study that was conducted by the University of California, and that was funded by Keep California Beautiful, analyzed the studies put on in the UK, and added their own conclusions: reusable plastic bags offer an even lower amount of environmental damage than standard plastic bags.

This means that while regular plastic bags rarely do harm on their own, reusable plastic bags do even less, making them the preferred option. It’s difficult to argue with the science, and it is only a matter of time before the “plastic-bags-hurt-the-environment” myth will be set straight.

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