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Do Reclosable Sandwich Bags Have Expiration Dates?

As a general rule of thumb, the lifespan of a reclosable sandwich bag is directly related to how often you use it, how you take care of it, and what types of foods you’re using it for. Some bags can last for months, while others may only last for a single use. Note that you

Personal Belongings Bags – The Convenient Way to Keep Patient’s Belongings

Patient or personal belongings bags offer a wide range of benefits for patients who need somewhere to keep their possessions. Their relatively large sizes make them ideal for storing a all of the patients items, including clothing, jewelry, electronic devices, or anything else that a patient may have on them when arriving to a medical

How to Open Ziplock Bags Without Tearing

There’s no doubt that ziplock bags come in handy throughout our day-to-day lives. But there come times when it seems impossible to open them without causing damage to the bag (ripping them). With that being said, let’s look at a few techniques that you can utilize to ensure you open your of a ziplock bag

Protecting the Environment Using Recycle Logo Bags

Making a Difference in Protecting The Environment Using recycled logo bags are an excellent way to help reduce waste as well as make the environment a more hospitable place for ourselves as well as animals. Plastic bags are considered a standard part of living- and everywhere from supermarkets to bookstores provide them. With that being

Plastic Bags Small and Big – For Organizing Beads & Jewelry

If you’re an avid collector of beads or jewelry then chances are good that you will be able to benefit from the use of plastic bags in all shapes and sizes. Despite what some people tend to believe, plastic bags offer many different advantages that you can’t find with other types of bags. In the

Shipping Small Parts in Reclosable Bags with Write on Block

Do you own a small business that requires you to ship relatively small goods to customers? If so, you probably already understand the importance of quality, reclosable bags. These types of bags will ensure that your product arrives safely, and that your customer will have something to store it in once the product arrives. Below,

How to Pack a Blood Specimen for Air Travel

Blood specimens will require specialized packing when traveling by air. Proper packaging methods will ensure that the integrity of the blood specimen doesn’t get compromised. Specimen transport bags help a lot in these situations, and below, we’ll talk more about how to properly back your blood specimen using them. Items That You Will Need What

Are Plastic Bags Really Bad For the Environment?

Are Plastic Bags Really Bad For the Environment? Are We Getting The Truth For Plastic Bags? Plastic bags get a bad rap for supposedly “damaging” the environment. But how much of this statement is actually true? If you were to dive deeper into the specifics, you might come to realize the truth about plastic bags.

The Difference in Clarity between Polypropylene & Polyethylene Bags

What are the major differences between polypropylene and polyethylene bags? And which one offers the greater amount of clarity? In the sections below, we’ll hope to answer these questions (and more) as we unlock the physical characteristics behind each type of bag. About Polyethylene Bags Polyethylene bags are inert, and their translucent nature allows them

4 Crucial Features For Diapers For Adults

4 Crucial Features that Make Heavenly Briefs Diapers for Adults So Popular Nearly 20 million American adults are incontinent and take advantage of wearing diapers to help them get by comfortably during the day, in the most discreet and private manner. As the World’s Driest Adult Diapers, Heavenly Briefs Diapers for Adults can be worn

Suffocation Warning on Plastic Bags for Amazon Packaging

Amazon, the leader in marketplace product sales has launched new packaging guidelines last year. In order to comply, sellers who pack their products in bags for sale on Amazon, must ensure the plastic bags are approved. The guidelines Amazon set up for bag packaging Amazon FBA orders, is a step towards safety which has already

The Stigma of Urinary Incontinence And The Use of Diapers for Adults

Incontinence is a condition with unpredictable and uncontrollable symptoms and episodes. The nature of the condition, one that few feel comfortable discussing even with their spouses and health care providers, presents unusual challenges. What are these challenges, and what is the stigma associated with urinary incontinence? The impact of living a life with urinary incontinence

Disposable Gloves Use Around The House

Medical supply gloves are not only for use medically but have proven to be a great household item. The many different uses for these disposable gloves make it an item worth having around. Disposable Gloves can or should be used while doing basic kitchen work. Instead of washing dishes by hand and getting your hands

Patient Belongings Bags – A Gesture to Patient Comfort

Times of emergency medical situations are traumatic, uncomfortable, and often painful. Arriving to the hospital on emergency with an ambulance is unpleasant in its own. Having your personal belonging strewn around in the ambulance, emergency room, and then in the hospital corridors is an added discomfort. Small gestures that can make a real difference in the

Why Use Sandwich Bags for Snacks and Lunches?

Sandwich bags, such an important part of the school day, is an upgrade from the time-old brown lunch bags! An economical and money saving snack bag, sandwich bags are the smallest kind of open plastic bags sold regularly (other than custom sizes). They come in very handy for snacks and sandwiches. Known for their fold-over