Can Restaurant Owners Take Advantage of Reclosable Storage Bags?

restaurant using plastic food bags storage

Restaurant owners are always searching for ways to increase the bottom line. But one strategy that is often overlooked is the use of reclosable storage bags. In restaurants, foods go bad all the time – usually from over exposure to air. And this can definitely become a major expense when added up over the course of a year. Let’s take a look at why restaurant owners should take advantage of these types of bags.

Run a Profitable Restaurant by Reducing Food Waste

In the United States alone, it is estimated that about 165 billion dollars worth of food is wasted cumulatively each year between all the restaurants in the country. There’s no doubt that a large percentage of this is preventable with the use of FDA approved reclosable bags. Instead of throwing away much-needed ingredients at the end of each day, restaurants should place more focus on preserving those ingredients.

This can be done with the help of reclosable food storage bags. Granted, not all food will be able to be saved with these bags, but large amounts will, drastically cutting down on food waste. It’s one of the easier ways for restaurants to save more money over the long run.

A Cheaper Alternative to Storage Bins

Food storage bins can be quite expensive. Restaurant owners will be happy to hear that FDA approved food storage bags with ziplock closures are available in many sizes and offer the same amount of protection from air as storage containers, but cost a fraction of the price. Plus, they take up less space, since the bag will adjust to the shape and size of the actual food item. FDA approved reclosable bags won’t solve the problem of food waste entirely, but they are a good place to start, and will help restaurant owners cut down on their annual expenses.

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