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Use Plastic Bag Safely

Teaching Children Safety Measures for Using Plastic Bags Like many household items, plastic bags can be both useful as well as potentially dangerous. While they can do a great job at helping you transport groceries and store household items, they’ve also been known to be deadly to small children. Fortunately, this can be avoided by

Suffocation Warning for Ziplock Bags for Amazon Packaging

What is the purpose of a suffocation warning on ziplock bags? Surely most adults understand that these bags carry potential dangers such as this – so why place a warning like this on bags at all? The answer: children. Small children can easily choke or suffocate with plastic ziplock bags used for product packaging, and

Sandwich Bags Used in Many Ways

Sandwich bags can be used for much more than simply packing your lunch! In fact, if you’re willing to be creative enough, the possibilities for sandwich bag are virtually endless. In the sections below, we’ll talk more about how you can use sandwich bags in new and practical ways. Store Your Collectables in Sandwich Bags

The Ban on Plastic Bags Can Have Serious Consequences

The ban on plastic bags may have had good intentions in mind, but the truth is that this move can actually hold some very serious consequences for the worst. In the following sections, we’ll talk more about what some of those are. Consumers Will End Up Paying More Unfortunately, as plastic bags start becoming banned

3 Practical Uses For Open End Plastic Bags

Open ended plastic bags are the secret to staying organized. These handy plastic bags can be used for dozens of different purposes. You can buy open ended plastic bags in several different sizes so no matter what you need a plastic bag for there is a size to fit what you need. Just a few

Make Your Life Easier With Re-sealable Plastic Bags

Re-sealable plastic bags offer a wide range of benefits, and will definitely add a lot of value to your life once you start using them. Perhaps the main advantage that you’ll experience is fresher foods! Instead of throwing food away, or letting it sit out in the open, use resealable plastic bags as a way

Plastic Ziplock Bags – The Perfect Way to Store Lunches for Long Trips

One way to maximize your time and save money while on a long trip is to pack your own lunches. It means fewer stops, which means getting to your final destination quicker. Storing food in plastic bags is preferred over other food storage containers for a few reasons. Here are some reasons why deli ziplock

Protecting the Environment Using Recycle Logo Bags

Making a Difference in Protecting The Environment Using recycled logo bags are an excellent way to help reduce waste as well as make the environment a more hospitable place for ourselves as well as animals. Plastic bags are considered a standard part of living- and everywhere from supermarkets to bookstores provide them. With that being

Plastic Bags Small and Big – For Organizing Beads & Jewelry

If you’re an avid collector of beads or jewelry then chances are good that you will be able to benefit from the use of plastic bags in all shapes and sizes. Despite what some people tend to believe, plastic bags offer many different advantages that you can’t find with other types of bags. In the

Are Plastic Bags Really Bad For the Environment?

Are Plastic Bags Really Bad For the Environment? Are We Getting The Truth For Plastic Bags? Plastic bags get a bad rap for supposedly “damaging” the environment. But how much of this statement is actually true? If you were to dive deeper into the specifics, you might come to realize the truth about plastic bags.