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3 Practical Uses For Open End Plastic Bags

Open ended plastic bags are the secret to staying organized. These handy plastic bags can be used for dozens of different purposes. You can buy open ended plastic bags in several different sizes so no matter what you need a plastic bag for there is a size to fit what you need. Just a few

Can Restaurant Owners Take Advantage of Reclosable Storage Bags?

Restaurant owners are always searching for ways to increase the bottom line. But one strategy that is often overlooked is the use of reclosable storage bags. In restaurants, foods go bad all the time – usually from over exposure to air. And this can definitely become a major expense when added up over the course

Plastic Bags Small and Big – For Organizing Beads & Jewelry

If you’re an avid collector of beads or jewelry then chances are good that you will be able to benefit from the use of plastic bags in all shapes and sizes. Despite what some people tend to believe, plastic bags offer many different advantages that you can’t find with other types of bags. In the

Are Plastic Bags Really Bad For the Environment?

Are Plastic Bags Really Bad For the Environment? Are We Getting The Truth For Plastic Bags? Plastic bags get a bad rap for supposedly “damaging” the environment. But how much of this statement is actually true? If you were to dive deeper into the specifics, you might come to realize the truth about plastic bags.

The Difference in Clarity between Polypropylene & Polyethylene Bags

What are the major differences between polypropylene and polyethylene bags? And which one offers the greater amount of clarity? In the sections below, we’ll hope to answer these questions (and more) as we unlock the physical characteristics behind each type of bag. About Polyethylene Bags Polyethylene bags are inert, and their translucent nature allows them

Suffocation Warning on Plastic Bags for Amazon Packaging

Amazon, the leader in marketplace product sales has launched new packaging guidelines last year. In order to comply, sellers who pack their products in bags for sale on Amazon, must ensure the plastic bags are approved. The guidelines Amazon set up for bag packaging Amazon FBA orders, is a step towards safety which has already

Why Use Sandwich Bags for Snacks and Lunches?

Sandwich bags, such an important part of the school day, is an upgrade from the time-old brown lunch bags! An economical and money saving snack bag, sandwich bags are the smallest kind of open plastic bags sold regularly (other than custom sizes). They come in very handy for snacks and sandwiches. Known for their fold-over

8 Great Uses for Reclosable Plastic Bags Around the House:

Reclosable ziplock bags are useful for short-term storage since opening and closing the bags is easy. Other than the regular uses of ziplock bags for prepared sandwiches and storing food, here’s a list of 8 great ways to use reclosable plastic bags around the house: 1. Store Soups in the Freezer. Fill up reclosable zipper

What Are Reclosable Poly Bags and What Are They Used For?

Firstly, what are reclosable ziplock bags? Reclosable Bags are bags made of virgin polyethylene film. They feature a single track zipper closure which closes securely and keeps products clean and free from moisture. In order to ease opening and closing of the bags, the reclosable zipper bags have a one inch lip on top of

All About DiRose: DiRose Trademark and Its Products

DiRose: The registered trademark of Arplast Poly Bags. The DiRose Brand product line, distributed by Arplast Poly & Packaging, carries an extensive line of poly and packaging. Registered specifically for multi-purpose reclosable polyethylene low density plastic bags for transmitting medical specimens, as well as multi-purpose reclosable polyethylene low density plastic bags for packaging, they have