A Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Plastic Deli Bags

Using the right types of storage bags is important to keeping your product fresh longer. When you use deli ziplock bags you can store food products in the bag and the airtight closure will keep items like deli meats and cheeses fresh for a longer period of time.

Keeping several saddle stands that hold plastic deli bags on your restaurant’s counter is strongly recommended by restaurant experts so that they are easily accessible to everyone in the kitchen. Deli ziplock bags are made of strong plastic that will keep food and other contents safe. Saddle style bags are the go to bag for most restaurants. These bags are usually marked “deli” so their use is already clearly known.

Check out just a few of the ways that using these handy plastic deli bags will help you save money, time and product:

Prepping Food In Deli Bags

When you are prepping for the next day you can portion out items in deli ziplock bags and store them close at hand in the walk-in. That way when you need to get food out quickly you can grab an individual portion and get to work without taking the time to portion that food.

Take Outs – Packaging Foods

If you want to give customers the option to buy individual items to take home with them or to buy on the go as take out items, deli ziplock bags make it easy to have items ready to go. You can put your specialty items in ziplock bags and be sure that the airtight seal will keep them fresh and delicious. Just add a custom label to the front of the deli bags, and the items will be ready for customers.

To find deli bags for your store, take a look at the types of saddle stand deli bags here.

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