How to Open Ziplock Bags Without Tearing

how to open ziplock bagsThere’s no doubt that ziplock bags come in handy throughout our day-to-day lives. But there come times when it seems impossible to open them without causing damage to the bag (ripping them). With that being said, let’s look at a few techniques that you can utilize to ensure you open your of a ziplock bag without any tears occurring.

Don’t “Overstuff” the Bag

To avoid tearing a ziplock bag, it would help tackle the fundamental problem of not overfilling it in the first place. All bags have a pre-designated volume amount, and if you get too close to that amount, the bag is going to be very difficult to close. Whenever bags are stretched beyond their normal pliable zone, they tend to rip, so the best way to avoid this would be not to overstuff the bag in the first place.

Separate the Seams from the Center – Not the Edges 

Some people make the mistake of trying to open their ziploc bags by attempting to pull open the seal from the edges. While this may work in some cases, the truth is that it will be far easier to separate the seams from the middle of the bag. This will provide you with more leverage and will require you to put less strength into the pulling (which should help keep the bag intact while opening).

Go Slow

The final piece of advice to keep in mind is to always go slow. If you don’t have extra ziplock bags to spare then you don’t want to ruin the only one you have! Avoid getting frustrated if you can’t open a ziplock bag on the first try. Make sure that your hands are dry, follow the separation techniques listed above, and go slowly to avoid any rips or tears in the bag.


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