Patient Belongings Bags – A Gesture to Patient Comfort

emergency roomTimes of emergency medical situations are traumatic, uncomfortable, and often painful. Arriving to the hospital on emergency with an ambulance is unpleasant in its own. Having your personal belonging strewn around in the ambulance, emergency room, and then in the hospital corridors is an added discomfort. Small gestures that can make a real difference in the satisfaction of your patients can be done to ensure their privacy, and make them more comfortable in situations of serious difficulty. That is why emergency centers make sure to stock Personal Belongings Bags and keep them on hand for all emergency room patients as well as hospital admitted patients. Patients who arrive with ambulance to the hospital are offered bags for their personal belongings so that their privacy is protected and their valuables and personal belongings are safely contained in a plastic bag. The bags are marked “Personal Belongings Bag” and have plenty of room for writing patient’s name and room number so they do not get lost or misplaced. Emergency centers and hospitals order may purchase these Patient Belonging Bags with their center’s name and logo custom printed, working as a means of advertising their center whenever the medical bags are reused.

Every effort should be done to make patients comfortable, and if having patient belongings bags for your patients’ clothing, documents, and valuables is one of them, it is quite simple to accomplish!

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