Shipping Small Parts in Reclosable Bags with Write on Block

white block reclosable bagsDo you own a small business that requires you to ship relatively small goods to customers? If so, you probably already understand the importance of quality, reclosable bags. These types of bags will ensure that your product arrives safely, and that your customer will have something to store it in once the product arrives. Below, we’ll talk about one type of reclosable bags, Write on Block.

About Write on Block

Write on Block are recloseable bags that will help you neatly organize products. Whether you’re shipping products or simply looking for an efficient way to store them, these bags can make it happen. They are also a budget-friendly alternative to many other types of labeled bags that you will find available on the market today.

Characteristics and Functions

What benefits and functionalities do these bags offer? For one, they have a moderately sized white block area centralized on the bag. These are excellent for labeling the bag with whatever is inside. You can use a marker, pencil, or pen to mark down and help identify the contents that you will be placing inside, as well as the manufacture date or order # of the bag’s contents.

The bags are made from polyethylene, and are relatively durable as well. They meet both USDA and FDA requirements, and feature a single ziplock track closure that will allow customers to quickly and easily open and close the bag. You can also use these bags to ensure that the products inside remain moisture-free. This means that even during transit, when the bag is more exposed to the elements, the contents inside will remain safe.

Budget-Friendly Recloseable Bags

Before getting your hands on these re-closeable bags, also take note that there are various sizes that you can choose from as well as custom printing. With this amount of flexibility, you can brand your bags in a way that helps separate you from the crowd.

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