Sandwich Bags Used in Many Ways

Sandwich bags can be used for much more than simply packing your lunch! In fact, if you’re willing to be creative enough, the possibilities for sandwich bag are virtually endless. In the sections below, we’ll talk more about how you can use sandwich bags in new and practical ways.

Store Your Collectables in Sandwich Bags

Are you an avid collector of coins, action figures, or any other types of small items? If so, why not consider storing these precious items inside of sandwich bags? It’s so much better than allowing these items to be exposed to air, which in the long run, can actually cause them to lose their value. On the same token, you don’t just have to store collectables. You can store virtually anything that you have a lot of, which can include beads, marbles, and even play dough.

Create “On-The-Go” Snack Packs!sandwich bags

There’s nothing more practical than having your own miniature “snack pack” while on the road. Sandwich bags can be filled with foods that can energize you throughout the day, including peanuts, banana chips, and even raisins. Children who bring snacks to school are very happy to have their chips, cookies and fruits packed neatly in plastic sandwich bags. These bags are durable, just the right size and they close conveniently. And since these bags are so inexpensive, you can just dispose of them once you’re done eating your snack.

Ship Products in These Bags

Are you someone who regularly ships items through your local home business? If so, consider sandwich bags as a great way of keeping small items safe during transit. When placed in a small plastic bag such as a sandwich bag, the item inside will be better regulated in terms of its moisture levels. If the item is electronic, you’ll ensure that it doesn’t get wet or moist during transport. As you can see, sandwich bags can have many more practical advantages beyond the traditional storage of lunch sandwiches.


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