The Ban on Plastic Bags Can Have Serious Consequences

Plastic Bag BanThe ban on plastic bags may have had good intentions in mind, but the truth is that this move can actually hold some very serious consequences for the worst. In the following sections, we’ll talk more about what some of those are.

Consumers Will End Up Paying More

Unfortunately, as plastic bags start becoming banned in stores and regions across the world, individuals who forget to bring their own bags to the grocery store will end up having to pay money for bagging their groceries. While this number may not be much, usually between $0.05 and $0.08, it can add up over the course of a year, and is unnecessary.

Paper Bags Aren’t Any Safer For the Environment

There is evidence to suggest that paper bags aren’t any safer for the environment than plastic bags are. In fact, they can actually be worse! By banning plastic bags, all that’s going to happen is that people are going to start using more paper bags, which will ultimately end up causing even more environmental damage.

Some Plastic Bags Aren’t That Bad!

Despite what most people might believe, most plastic bags aren’t actually that bad for the environment. Some of them are even recyclable! With that being said, it wouldn’t make sense to ban them. It is estimated that around 15,000 barrels of oil are used to transport paper bags, which definitely isn’t good for the environment. As a result, the question might be posed, “Why aren’t paper bags getting banned as well?”

Plastic Bags Should Be Here to Stay

The idea that plastic bags are harmful for the environment is overdramatized. With a little human intervention and effort to make them safer and less cluttered throughout the environment, there’s no reason why society and plastic bags can’t live in unison.

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