The Stigma of Urinary Incontinence And The Use of Diapers for Adults

Social stigma for Incontinent AdultsIncontinence is a condition with unpredictable and uncontrollable symptoms and episodes. The nature of the condition, one that few feel comfortable discussing even with their spouses and health care providers, presents unusual challenges.

What are these challenges, and what is the stigma associated with urinary incontinence?

The impact of living a life with urinary incontinence is a burden. The unpredictable episodes cause the sufferer  to not only live in worry of uncomfortable episodes, sufferers also have to adapt to a social stigma. It is socially expected that bladder control skills are acquired during childhood,  and individuals who endure incontinence face the stigmatization of their problem as well as lack of self confidence for not being able to control one of the basic functions of life. There is no socially acceptable way to mention bodily waste and urinary continence, so the matter remains taboo, people suffer in silence, and cannot live life to the fullest.

What can be done to change that stigma for those incontinent adults that must wear Adult Diapers to function?

Diapers for Adults is actually the product that helps alleviate the difficulty and minimize the stigma of bladder incontinence. People with incontinence episodes save their skin by wearing diapers for adults so nobody is privy to episodes and they have the opportunity to a greater quality of life. Wearers of adult diapers still feel uncomfortable with the fact that they are incontinent, but are relieved that their social status can remain intact, their problem completely private, and they have the opportunity to develop and contribute social status without carrying the stigma of their urinary incontinence.

The stigma of urinary incontinence is a fact that may or may not be changed with public awareness as bladder control is a rather unpleasant topic. But considering that the diapers for adults improve the lifestyle of incontinent adults, it is an improvement product worthwhile in the life of all with incontinence symptoms.

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