Understanding Bio-hazard Bags and Their Benefits

Bio-Hazard Bags for Specimen

Biohazard specimen bags are used by medical facilities and long term health care facilities to protect workers from any possible danger associated with biological material. Whenever a test needs to be performed or biological material needs to be moved even though it is always kept in a plastic container that container is put into a specimen bag that is tightly sealed. The patient’s information is written on the bag to prevent any mix-ups when it comes to diagnosing a patient.

Each different type of hospital or care facility has their own color coded method of using biohazard bags . Different colors can indicate different types of biological material or different areas of the facility. The color coding makes it easier for the material to not get lost when it is handled by many different people throughout the hospital. Also if the specimen is sent out to a lab the style of the bag and the color coding can let the lab techs know which facility the bags are from. The style of the bag is a form of identification.

Not Just a Plain Plastic Bag

Even though specimen bags may look like the same type of zip close plastic bag that you might find in the kitchen these bags are much different from kitchen bags. They are usually thicker and close much more tightly than other types of plastic bags. They also have a biohazard symbol printed on them to let anyone who is in contact with them know there is biological material inside. To protect against any leaks and to make sure no contaminants get out these bags seal extra tightly. Some also have three layers of plastic instead of just one like kitchen use plastic bags. Most of these biohazard specimen bags have built in document pouches or protected areas for writing so that patients names, medical record numbers, etc can be clearly displayed on the bag in a secure way to avoid mix-ups.

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