Use Plastic Bag Safely

Teaching Children Safety Measures for Using Plastic Bags

Like many household items, plastic bags can be both useful as well as potentially dangerous. While they can do a great job at helping you transport groceries and store household items, they’ve also been known to be deadly to small children. Fortunately, this can be avoided by effectively teaching children the safety precautions associated with plastic bags.

Show Young Children The Potential DangersNo Bags On Child's Face!

If a young child is old enough to understand what you’re telling them, let them know the dangers of misusing plastic bags. Let them know that if the plastic bag manages to get around their face, and gets stuck there, it could potentially cause them to suffocate. However, if your child is too young to understand, a different set of measures will need to be taken to ensure that they remain protected.

Educate Children on How to Protect Siblings

Let’s pretend that you have a child, who is 6, and an infant who is only 8 weeks old. In this case, it is always a good idea to educate the older of the two children on how to effectively use plastic bag safety around the home. Remember that infants can mistakenly roll over onto a plastic bag and suffocate.

Show the older child how to properly dispose of plastic bags as well as to keep existing plastic bags out of reach of an infant. Let older children known that in order to protect babies, plastic bags should be kept in a child-proof cabinet that isn’t located near the vicinity of small children. And above all, never leave any kind of plastic bag inside of your child’s playpen or crib! By taking these steps on educating your children on plastic bag safety, you’ll be able to avoid the accidental suffocation of an infant.

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