What Are Reclosable Poly Bags and What Are They Used For?

Firstly, what are reclosable ziplock bags?

Reclosable Bags are bags made of virgin polyethylene film. They feature a single track zipper closure which closes securely and keeps products clean and free from moisture. In order to ease opening and closing of the bags, the reclosable zipper bags have a one inch lip on top of the zipper with one side higher than the other. The lip also has anti grip lines which also keeps your fingers from slipping while opening the bags.

What are reclosable poly bags used for?

These bags are excellent for storing, displaying, protecting and shipping all types of products. Common uses of the reclosable ziplock bags are storing and freezing foods, organizing and filing documents, photos and cards. They are great for maintaining freshness in food and other products. Household items such as pencils, sewing supplies, puzzles and small hardware are often stored in these bags. Manufacturers regularly use reclosable bags to send samples of their products to prospects and clients.

Are reclosable zipper bags good quality?

The reclosable zipper bags available at Arplast are made of high quality polyethylene film. They come in more than 300 sizes and are available in different thicknesses such as 2 mil gauge and 4 mil gauge. These bags meet FDA and USDA requirements for food and pharmaceutical packaging, and are water resistant. Some of these reclosable poly bags come preprinted with the recycle logo. Others come with a 4″ white block for writing and marking bag contents.

Reclosable Bags in the Medical Industry:

Doctors offices, medical centers, and hospitals have an ongoing need for reclosable plastic bags for specimen transport. Reclosable speciman transport bags are available in various sizes, with different imprinting depending on the need. Clear specimen bags come in different designs ranging in sizes from 6×9″ to 15×18″. Biohazard Logo are printed in 2 colors on other bags. Medical Transport Specimen Bags are also available tinted red with Biohazard Logo, printed STAT.

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